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the rotary tiller product line offers 5 different series:

HTLG rotary tiller      100 - 140cm working width; up to 18cm working depth; up to 45hp tractor engine power
HTLS rotary tiller      160 - 200cm working width; up to 18cm working depth; up to 70hp tractor engine power
HTLU rotary tiller      135 - 235cm working width; up to 22cm working depth; up to 90hp tractor engine power
HTLX rotary tiller      135 - 310cm working width; up to 27cm working depth; up to 140hp tractor engine power

SB stone burrier       105 - 165cm working width; up to 12cm working depth; up to 60hp tractor engine power

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A Victory rotary tiller is available in a working width of 100 cm to 310 cm and can be used by tractors with 20 HP to around 140 HP.

For a tiller, not only the working width but also the working depth is of decisive importance. The Victory rotary tiller or reverse tiller is available in 5 product families for a working depth of 12 cm to 27 cm. An increasing working depth requires more tractor power for the tiller.

Working depth and power transmission of our tillers

Deep tillage by a rotary cultivator requires stable power transmission from the device.
From a milling depth of 18 cm, a Victory tiller has a massive gear drive that transfers the power from the bevel gear to the rotor shaft.

Power transmission via common chain drives is unsuitable from a working depth of 18 cm.

With Victory, power is not transmitted via a chain, as is the case with a simple tiller, but via a heavy, maintenance-free oil bath gear drive.
So that the heavy blade roller of the Victory tiller works with low vibration and the blades glide powerfully through the ground.

A Victory rotary tiller or reverse tiller is always equipped with milling knives made of high-quality and extremely durable aluminum steel. This also enables optimal work when the cultivator has to work hard and heavy soils.

The rotary cultivators from the HTLU or HTLX series can be operated with different cardan shaft speeds. This makes it possible to reduce the rotor shaft speed of the tiller by up to half. So the professional Victory HTLX and HTLU tiller can be optimally adapted to the soil conditions.

So that a tiller can be optimally positioned behind your tractor and the track of the tractor can be covered, all of our milling machines have a universal three-point headstock with adjustable and movable lower link connections for Cat I or Cat II.

Under the heavy cover made of up to 8mm thick sheet steel is the laser-balanced shaft of the tiller, on which flanges with hardened, individually exchangeable angle or curved knives are arranged, which loosen the soil evenly. Curved knives are optionally available for the heavy HTLX tiller.

Freewheel gear and rear fender

The reinforced freewheel gear ensures that the heavy shaft can continue to run after the power take-off drive has been switched off without the movement being transmitted to the tractor.

A heavy, height-adjustable rear mudguard is important for a tiller or cultivator, as this ensures better ground leveling, while a stable safety cover is also available at the same time.

A Victory tiller is always supplied with a complete set of equipment. This actually includes a massive wooden transport box that ensures reliable transport of the tiller without scratching the paint.

In addition to a multi-lingual operating manual, a Victory tiller is always supplied with 2 x 2 L bottles of gear oil, so that you can fill up the oil levels of the mounted tiller in the shortest possible time.

Furthermore, massive cardan shafts with slip clutches are included in the scope of delivery of the tiller so that your tractor remains optimally protected.

A Victory tiller is delivered fully assembled, except for the tractor 3-point bracket that is mounted in just a few minutes. SIE goes through a thorough test in our factory so after a quick start-up inspection you can start working with your new tiller.