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Devices that are used to split pieces of tree into logs, mostly for use as firewood, are called log splitters. A splitting wedge or splitting wedge is driven against the piece of wood and thus split.

What should you look out for when buying a hydraulic log splitter?

Log splitters are usually equipped with a hydraulic system that is driven by a tractor via a power take-off shaft, an electric motor or a gasoline engine. The splitting force is often given in tons (t). Log splitters are available in standing or lying versions as well as in the form of combination devices, like the Victory LS-42T log splitter, which can handle both modes of operation. With larger machines like the Victory LS-42T, the stroke is over a meter and the table can often be adjusted in height to split shorter pieces faster.

However, this has the disadvantage that you then have to lift the pieces of wood onto this table, which is an unnecessary expenditure of force. It is then more sensible to install an automatic stroke limiter as with the LS-42T, which ensures that the riving knife no longer retracts completely, but only as far as the length of the current log requires. Small log splitters from hardware stores are often driven with a threaded rod instead of a hydraulic system in order to be able to offer the customer a cheap machine. The splitting force is correspondingly low.


There are also older models, so-called cone splitters. These work on the principle of a threaded, conical metal cone, which is driven directly by the tractor's PTO shaft. If you now press a piece of tree against the tip of the rotating cone, it drills into the wood and splits it, as the piece of wood with the thread "pulls" itself further and further onto the cone that is becoming wider.

These log splitters are dangerous because carelessness can easily entangle loose clothing in the drill cone and pull body parts into the machine. The use of a cone splitter is prohibited for companies that are members of the social security system for agriculture, forestry and horticulture.



Modern log splitters have a two-hand release to prevent accidents, but appropriate protective clothing is still required.

In the professional sector, there are wood splitters with gasoline engines whose splitting power is specified as over 30 tons. As a rule, these are horizontal log splitters, which make it possible to automatically split meter-long logs.

The splitting force is just a performance parameter. Are z. B. only needs short pieces for the chimney, a splitter with a short gap length is sufficient (z. B. 37 cm maximum length). Log splitters with a length of 50 or 75 cm have a disadvantage here, because the longer distance means that the forward and return times are significantly longer and fewer splitting cycles per hour are possible.

But there are also hydraulic log splitters, such as the Victory LS-42T, where the cylinder stroke can be adjusted to the length of the log. Freshly cut wood is usually easier to split than seasoned wood. With some woods, it makes sense to first create dry cracks by drying them quickly in the air, as the riving knife can be attached to these.

Further decision-making criteria when buying a log splitter with a motor should be the amount of force with which the log splitter has to be brought from the horizontal to the vertical and how quickly the splitting wedge can be converted into a splitting wedge. If possible, this should be done without tools so that work with the log splitter does not have to be constantly interrupted when small and large diameters alternate with the split timber.

Another important feature of a hydraulic motor log splitter is the log lifter. This enables the operator to erect a heavy log without any effort and to position it under the riving knife. To do this, the log only needs to be rolled onto the log lifter.

Then the chain of the log lifter is hooked into the splitting wedge on the wood splitter with gasoline engine. The hydraulics then move the riving knife up and pull up the log lifter chain. This erects the trunk and can be split immediately.

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