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The powerful Victory WS-715 tilting circular saw with petrol engine is essential for the professional processing of firewood.

The powerful 15 HP 420 ccm petrol engine ensures that you can use the tilting saw anywhere, even if there is no high-voltage power supply nearby.

A tilting saw is a special circular saw for cutting firewood.

The saw blade, which is arranged at right angles to the V- or U-shaped rocker, rotates in a protective device. In the right part there is a slot into which the saw blade dips. The rocker is located in the lower area of ​​the frame and must be guided against the saw blade with light pressure.

The blade protection device opens and closes in parallel with the rocking movement of the circular saw. The pieces of wood or logs are placed on the rocker on the left, sawn off accordingly and fall down on the right.

To prevent the rocker from sticking to the saw blade by itself, a spring pulls the rocker back to its original position after the operator has released it.

The saw blade cover was missing on older tilting saws. The saw blade was freely accessible. A tilting circular saw should no longer be used because of the high risk of accidentally getting caught in the freely running saw blade or it should be retrofitted with an approved protective device.

A further development of the tilting saw is the revolver saw or drum saw, in which the pieces of wood are inserted into a rotating drum with several compartments and a vertical or inclined shaft, slide down to a stop plate and then (as in a sausage cutting machine with a side stop) automatically to a preset length are cut and are guided again and again by the drum to the cutting blade. Such saws are usually used in the industrial wood industry, where a single tilting circular saw does not have enough throughput.

An electric motor is often used as the drive source of a tilting circular saw if a saw blade with a maximum diameter of 500 mm in the tilting saw is sufficient for your application. A 230 V motor is sufficient for such “do-it-yourself tilting saws”.


For semi-professional and professional use, only 400 V three-phase motors are used, which either drive the circular saw shaft directly or drive the circular saw shaft via V-belts. However, since there is not always a high-voltage connection nearby, a model with a power take-off drive is advisable for the use of a circular saw, e.g. in the forest, if a tractor is available, or a drive via a completely independent petrol engine, as with the Victory WS-715 Tilting circular saw, supplemented by a foldable support.

This means that the circular saw can also be transported in rough terrain, e.g. with a quad / ATV, because of the large wheels. With an agricultural towing vehicle, you can pull the tilting saw at 25 km / h on public roads, provided you add a lighting system. The standard equipment of the tilting circular saw includes an adjustable one

A Victory tilting circular saw with a motor is equipped with a hardened saw blade with a diameter of 700 mm and protected by a full casing. The tilting table of the circular saw has a special claw system that securely fixes small and large wood diameters during the sawing process and thus guarantees work safety.

The WS-715 tilting saw is easy to maintain thanks to its simple structure and the easy-to-understand German instructions for the motor and tilting saw

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