Victory WC 8H Wood Chipper Wood Shredder with hydraulic system

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WC-series Hydraulic tractor wood shredding systems

Wood shredder with tractor independant hydraulic feeding system for professional and fast wood processing up to 15cm in diameter. Suitable for small and medium tractors between 30 and 80HP with Cat I/Cat II 3 point hitch.

The Bowell WC 8H is best used with a tractor engine power of 40 to 60HP. By using the tractor hydraulic system the wood is pulled into the shredder by two rollers. The hydraulic system helps to clear wood jams by switching into “reverse gear”. The adjustable speed helps to adjust the shredder performance to wood type and diameter. Smaller diameter can be shredded faster, than larger diameter.
The 90kg rotor is specially balanced for a vibration free performance. Bowell is the only brand in Europe offering this standard. There are two knifes mounted on the rotor plus a counter knife shredding wood up to 15cm in diameter into 1 to 4cm pieces. The discharge funnel can be turned by 230°
with an adjustable throwing angle. The strong air suction created by the fast turning rotor will throw out the shredded wood. Upon demand additional openings in the rotor housing can be opened to further increase this air suction. Even difficult material like pine tree or thuja branches will be shredded without danger of blockage. The Bowell WC 8H shreds up to 9 m³/h material depending on the type of wood.

The WC-8H comes with its own, tractor independant hydraulic system with a 26L oil tank, and can be even used on tractors without hydraulic system. Another special feature of this shredder is, that it is driven by a 5 belt system with a gear ratio of  2:1, so that the blade rotor turns with twice the speed than the 540rpm PTO shaft. You will get much smaller shredded wood pieces than with other shredders.
Two hydraulic driven rotors are pulling the wood into the shredder. This makes work fast and easy as the powerful hydraulic system will push the material through the 20 x 30cm inner hopper opening so that most branch forks do not have to be cut before shredding. In case of wood jams, you just need to switch to backward to clear the problem. The adjustable speed of the rotors defines the shredder performance and lets you react on the type and diameter of wood you are shredding. Smaller and dryer wood can be shredder faster, thicker and less dry wood should be shredder slower. The WC 8H shredder can be mounted to Cat I and Cat II tractors, since the necessary bushings for the lower and upper bolts are included.

The Bowell WC-shredder complies with all safety regulations and is CE tested following the 2006/42/EC machine directive.

We from Bowell Tractor firmly believe that you will not find a better value for money heavy duty tractor wood shredder in the market. Feel free to compare our product to others in the market and we are sure you will agree.
Partially assembled machines do not contain any fuel , oil or other fluids or grease needed for operation ! BEFORE USING THE MACHINE please carefully read the English user manual.
Technical Data WC-8H
Dimensions (HxWxD) 1900x90x1900mm
total weight 465kg
3-point hitch CAT I (CAT II bushings included)
max. PTO shaft RPM 540 U/min
rotor speed 1000 U/min
capacity of hydraulic tank 26 L HLP 32/46
length of PTO shaft 800mm
drive system belt drive
Tractor engine power recommended 30-90PS / 22-68kw
power neede for max. performance 55-70PS
rotor diameter 60cm
rotor width 25mm
rotor weight 90kg
number of knifes 2 +1
hopper opening 60x70cm
chipper housing opening 20x30cm
max. diameter of shredding material 15cm
adjustable size of shredded material 0,5 – 4cm
feeding system Hydraulic fore/backward
discharge height of hopper from ground 190cm
discharge hopper turning angle 230°
housing material thickness 6mm
painting powder coated
wooden transportbox (LxWxH) 114x96x118cm (metal)